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Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Tests And Other DNA Tests

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How accurate are the DNA test results?

DNA paternity testing is very accurate, and will yield results that indicate either a probability of paternity greater than 99% (inclusion) or 0% (exclusion). For siblingship and grand-parentage testing we aim for a conclusive range of either >90% (inclusion) or <15% (exclusion).

What if the two alleged fathers are related?

It is best to test both alleged fathers, especially if they are related, so that one can be excluded. If only one alleged father is available, then you must select the extended testing additional service. The final report will have additional data and a likelihood ratio calculated.

Is blood more accurate than cheek cells when testing for paternity?

No. Cheek cells collected using the GeneSwabs yield results with the same accuracy as blood samples do. The DNA is the same; regardless if it is collected from cheek cells or blood.

How soon after submitting my specimens will I have results?

For paternity tests GeneTree will provide a detailed and comprehensive report 3-10 working days after receiving your specimens. Other tests, such as a siblingship analysis, may take 4-6 weeks. For Express Processing fees please call 1-888-404-4363.

What if my alleged father is deceased, can paternity still be established?

Yes. Paternity can still be established by testing other known family members to reconstruct the DNA lineage. Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and grandparents can all be used to reconstruct family relationships. Please contact GeneTree for more specific information.

How old must the child be to have a paternity test performed?

There are no age limitations. The GeneSwab Specimen Collection kit can be used on infants. Expectant mothers can learn about procedures/methods available for prenatal paternity testing by calling 1-888-404-4363.

click here to order a free paternity testing kit


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