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ONLINE PHONEBOOKS, PEOPLE FINDER Web Telephone Directories links. Many countries listed. All phone numbers in U.S.A. All phone numbers in Canada Excellent! Reverse Phone Lookup for Canada: If you know only the phone number --OR--
If you only know the address. Excellent! Bell South (U.S.A.) Huge site for your genealogy needs Excellent site for your genealogy needs. Birth/death/immigration records and much more. Over 200 million names. Another genealogy site Another genealogy site People Finder People Finder Phone number of some countries Canada's Yellow Pages Canada's Yellow Pages U.S.A. Yellow Pages U.S.A. Yellow Pages Singapore Phone Book Find Telephone Numbers, e-mail, homepage, fax . World Wide Phone Book Find anyone in the U.S.A. Links to Internet Phone Books

A must have Internet tool for keeping in touch with people: see who's logged on, send chat request, mail messages, exchanges files, launch applications and more.
Sam's Corner Links to Web Site Online tools Webphone - Voice Talk over the Internet. Excellent product Internet Phone - Voice Talk over the Internet. I couldn't get this installed on my system. Maybe you have better luck than I ! Video streaming plug-in WS_FTP: Excellent FTP program (upload/download files) Real Audio (streaming audio) Shockwave plug-in and other software Get the Netscape Web Browser ..or: ...the Microsoft Internet Explorer PC iMail (mass mail program) Find Information about website...excellent!

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WEB RELATED RESOURCES, SHAREWARE, ETC Ziff-Davis Publishers. A must goto site ! (One of my favorite). Also has many downloadable software. Highly Recommended! PC Magazine from Zdnet PC Computing from Zdnet Yahoo Magazine from Zdnet Get any shareware files right here! Highly Recommended! Get more shareware software Get more shareware software Photo Paint software and other programs Make graphic 3-D text
All about Javascript Graphics programs: PhotoImpact, 3-D text, Video Director, Cool 3-D Put a guestbook on your homepage Put a guestbook on your homepage "tools you need to build a killer site" Tools for your webpage...Excellent site! If you have a homepage be sure to stop by here.
Put a guestbook on your homepage Put a counter on your homepage Web Master resource centre Put a 360 degree foto on your homepage (Reality Studio Software) Be a part of the Link Exchange for your homepage Banner linkexchange Like Linkexchange Be an associate and make money on your website Excellent software. I used their Visual Page to create this Link's page Promoting your homepage Creators of Hot Metal Homepage creation software and others. Let this online tool check out your homepage and make suggestions List of Web Host Providers List of Web Host Providers Graphics Programs and more! Buy office supplies online McAfee Antivirus and other products Webmaster tools Magazine for WebDevelopers Web site tools (tracking, etc) All about browsers (plug-ins, etc)
How did they do that in html? Backgrounds for webpages The webmasters reference library. Excellent! Online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology helps software developers and IT professionals get answers to tough development questions.'s Ask the Pros family of technical Q and A forums match users with technical experts and peers. Use of is free. Royalty-free images licensed from the world's best photo, font, and clip-art sources. (No shareware) No waiting! Start downloading images and fonts immediately. Download all you want - no per-image fees. Yearly subscription; very low Lots of software Clipart, Shareware software for homepages Resources for your web page

FREE HOMEPAGES | | | | | | | | Share your families fotos on this web sit and also create a geneology tree..Excellent!


FREE E-MAIL | | Free Voice Mail, e-mail and fax

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OTHER SITES Make good money in this virtual stock market...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! How stuff works...Excellent!! Software company (div. of Softquad). Check out the bulk-email package as well as other great software. For all your gaming needs Do you want to be able to accept credit card orders but don't want to apply to the bank? Check the services of this company All about Digital Photography from HP Teaches web tools Princess Cruise Ships CAM FEEDS..see where they are cruising Resources for webmasters Spam on the net. Let this place help you out. Lottery Buddy (Canadian) Buy Stuff Photo Frames Monitor Internet data speed All you need to know about Toronto, Ontario (also: Toronto Star) Website in Southern Sicily (Pachino and area) Electronic Newstand Dave Chalk's computer show. Excellent! Excellent Site! Play online games with others. From Microsoft Maps, Maps, Maps! Excellent! Are you owed money? (From banks, wills, relatives, etc.) Online books store Scientific American The FBI The real estate board in Canada Online newspapers in Canada, including Toronto Sun News, magazines (including Time). Excellent site. The Canadian Discovery Channel. Excellent site. All about money matters All about the weather All about the weather from the National Weather Service Shop for a Magazine Center for Desease Control Currency Converter City Maps Send Faxes through the Internet "This is CNN" CNN Video Find a spot to vacation in Maximizer Software...Contact Management & e-commerce software Janna Contact Management Software Makers of Photoshop and other software products Internet world daily (publication) Internet related news Mars global surveyor spacecraft
Information on the "face" on Mars Internet magazines from Mecklermedia
PC Magazines Best 100 Web Sites Stuff to do with Internet Stuff to do with Internet Add Postcards to your website Department of Finance, Canada Free stuff from the web Multimedia Learning (train)

LOCAL INFO - TORONTO AREA Watch Live Television channels in the Toronto area Toronto Sun from
Toronto Sunshine girl Toronto Sun's Sunshine girl Toronto Star In an around Toronto, Ontario Toronto Malls Town of Markham, Ontario, Canada Online Shopping Microsoft in Canada for Developer Microsoft in Canada main web site Toronto's Virtual Library Canada search engine (excellent lottery info as well) Another Canadian Search engine

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