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Spirit Teachings
Through The Mediumship of William Stainton Moses

  Welcome to Spirit Teachings. Its "author", the Rev. William Stainton Moses, regarded as the man who gave Spiritualism its "bible" was one of the most remarkable mediums of the last century. Spirit Teachings, which came through his hand in what is called "automatic writing", is regarded as Spiritualism's greatest classic. Here, in language of matchless prose, is contained the religious, philosophical and ethical implications of Spiritualism, as viewed by the spirit world. The communicators, by sheer brilliant logic, compelled their medium to abandon, stage by stage, his orthodox religious beliefs. They gave clear evidence of their high purpose and furnished him with irrefutable proofs of Survival. There were twenty-two spirit communicators, headed by one who signed himself "Imperator".

In his Introduction to Spirit Teachings, this tribute to his inspirers was paid by Moses: "There is no flippant message, no attempt at jest, no vulgarity or incongruity, no false or misleading statement, so far as I know or could discover; nothing incompatible with the avowed object, again and again repeated, of instruction, enlightenment and guidance by spirits fitted for this task."

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Table of Contents

Section 17

Stainton Moses' Biography

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Section 19

Imperator's Band

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Photograph of Stainton Moses

Photograph of Charles T. Speer
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(Date Loaded on Internet: May 26, 1996)


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