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Wisdom of Ramadahn

 Copyright 1985 by Ursula Roberts
Republished here in electronic format with permission from the publisher

"We would gather together the scattered petals of thought created by the consciousness of all who are here, bringing them together in one beautiful blossom that they may be joined into the stem of our teaching, thus creating a lovely flower enfolded in the soft green leaves of sympathy that wing from the hearts and thoughts of those present. As we create this beautiful blossom, like a lovely chrysanthemum glowing with the purity of light and tinged with the gentle pink of love, we would uplift it, O thou Great Creator, that this bloom may be taken unto the altars of prayer in the temple of light, there to lie for a time gleaming and glistening with the blessing which comes from Thee."
Chapter 1 - Questions About Incarnation
Chapter 2 - What Happens When We Die?
Chapter 3 - Life in the Spirit World
Chapter 4 - The Power of Thought
Chapter 5 - Approaches to Meditation
Chapter 6 - Understanding Mediumship
Chapter 7 - Restoration of Harmony
Chapter 8 - Do Animals Survive Death?
Chapter 9 - Pathways to God
Chapter 10 - Spiritual Understanding
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