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Wisdom of Ramadahn
Through the mediumship of Ursula Roberts

  Let go of regret and let go of self reproach. Say sometimes in your prayer: "Yes, great Father of All, I have failed in this. I should have done better. Help me next time to fulfill this with a greater understanding." Do not weep over your failure and reproach yourself endlessly, for you only build a barrier which holds you back from Light and comfort.

Of what nature is God and how may we grow toward Him?

Have you, or anyone you have met, seen God ?

Will God allow man to destroy the world by nuclear bombs? Will He allow misuse of this knowledge to cause countless malformed babies to be born to future generations?

Why do we to have an aura, and what is its meaning?

Can you advise us how we may share the small amount of truth we may have gained with others on differing levels of
understanding, who often reject that which we are eager to give them?

Is service sometimes done from the wrong motive?

Can you explain what happens when a human being enters the spirit world?

Many old people become blind or deaf, often bed-ridden; it seems they are not learning anything; why are they not freed by

Miscellaneous Quotes

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