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The Truths of The Spirit World
In Lectures By Ramadahn - Vol. 1 of 7

Through the Mediumship of Ursula Roberts



 4-None is too Small  12-The Training of Spirit Guides  20-The Colour Gold
 Copyright Page  5-Spirit View of Remembrance Day  13-The Summerland  21-The Colour Blue
 Acknowledgements  6-Loving the Unlovable  14-Light and Death  22-The Colour Red
 Introduction  7-Animal Comforters  15-Forgiveness - What is It?  23-The Colour Purple
 Ramadahn's Prayer  8-The Responsibilities of Mediumship  16-The Ministry of Spirits  24-The Colour Orange
 1-The Spirit View of Mediumship  9-The Fatherhood of God  17-Life and After-Death States  25-The Colour Green
 2-Concentration and Meditation  10-The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health  18-The Cultivation of Gratitude  26-The Colour Silver
 3-Spirit Healers in Healing  11-Reasons for Re-incarnation  19-Temples in the Spirit World  

The Truths of The Spirit World - Volume 1

 Copyright Info



 Ramadahn's Prayer

 Chapter 1 - The Spirit View of Mediumship

‘Medium’ is spirit controlled – all can be sensitive – true mediums have loose ethereal linkage to physical – healing medium – link, meditate to encourage sensitivity – Ursula’s early control – chain of entrancement.

  Chapter 2 - Concentration and Meditation            

True meditation is silence of mind, body, through concentration – concentration in daily life - darting ‘day time’ mind – example of flame, flickering or still – concentration in meditation like candle flame – meditation is saturation of self with peace and power of spirit – pierce roof of consciousness to see light, stars.  
Questions:  time taken for unfoldment – developing alone – instantaneous healing.           

 Chapter 3 - Spirit Healers in Healing

Not just physical – soul sickness is bereavement, oppression, ignorance, prejudice – teach breathing – true healing is soul healing – spirit helpers bring help – stand for truth – meditate on blue globe for healing.
Questions:  how spirit start to serve – spirit at different incarnations.

 Chapter 4 - None is too Small

When think to give up, spirit can come forward – Paul – emptiness must be filled – be as cup, empty of earth, for spirit to fill.

 Chapter 5 - Spirit View of Remembrance Day

Those who died take a different view – should think of peace makers – all dead loved, remembered – understand the sacrifice – soldiers now in spirit work for peace – they influence statesmen, politicians to peace – ‘remembrance’ opens pathways for light – visualise world in golden girdle for light.

 Chapter 6 - Loving the Unlovable

Colour of the ocean, roses – love is compassion, pity – hate equals loneliness – animals to break the armour of hate, loneliness – pray and send out thoughts – this is your lesson, their gift.

 Chapter 7 - Animal Comforters

All linked, human, animal, plant, rock, all evolving – from involvement with tribe, move into aloneness – aloneness can be loneliness if not used wisely – influence extended into animal world – animal takes increased intelligence and influence of man back to group soul – animals pass to plants as they receive – animals brought by talking about them.
Questions:  comfort of animals – animals become ill – pet put to sleep – plagues of insects.

 Chapter 8 - The Responsibilities of Mediumship

Wisely use that which is given – responsibility is as level of development – first messages, well delivered, lead to more, greater – individual is responsible to spirit carnate and discarnate – discrimination and understanding – responsibility is development of perfect link – mediumship is transmission of joy, healing – need for rest.

 Chapter 9 - The Fatherhood of God

Symbol created at level of man’s understanding - parent, king – Kali, death is part of life – Western ‘Father’ – mother symbol results in population increase – Buddhist, peace coming into being in West – struggle of mortal mind to accept spiritual mind – blend the two minds for greater understanding.

 Chapter 10 - The Golden Grain of Wisdom and Health

Eating right foods, seeds, fruits, living seeds – cultivation of compassion, peace for health – healthy mind stimulates glands, brings joy – throat glands stimulated by love, shape body – soul interacts with, and creates body shape – kindness and forgiveness for good circulation – wisdom of acceptance and relinquishment.

 Chapter 11 - Reasons for Re-incarnation

Gain knowledge of matter – master earth forces, gravity, wind, sun – mastery of body, appetite – mastery of emotions – creativity, in producing children – loving energy eradicates that of the past.
Questions:  light – love thoughts.

 Chapter 12 - The Training of Spirit Guides

Guide is overall guiding – spirits minister, teach – spirit training for work - persistence, concentration -  can return quickly if have already trained mind – first contact can return with tears, grey and soiled, wounded, so re-instructed in love-armour – love of first spirit wins through and others join.

 Chapter 13 - The Summerland

Reflection of Summerland is peace – colour waves replace seasons – no houses, only open temples – soul maturity – live so as to achieve Summerland swiftly.
Questions: St Theresa – stigmata – self hypnosis – where Ramadahn lives – form of others.

 Chapter 14 - Light and Death

Spirit withdrawal can appear as suffering -  the teachings remain – at death look for light – all revelation of truth is same – fear closes system, understanding and joy opens – right living, healthy life, easy death.
Questions:  difference soul to spirit – death by accident, war, murder - open doors of knowledge for others.

 Chapter 15 - Forgiveness - What is It?

Love is forgiveness – start by little gift – racial intolerance, prisoners, starvation – spirit teach forgiveness as first step - how do we forgive – spirit forgive physical-time hurts by working from spirit.

 Chapter 16 - The Ministry of Spirits

The white-robed ones bring understanding and acceptance of daily life – they lived by group discipline – bring understanding of the need for discipline – ministry is service – as develop, spirits see, approach – always accompanied – more come with different qualities – no-one becomes aware instantly.

 Chapter 17 - Life and After-Death States

Understand dying – child not firmly linked to physical, aged have to shake apart spirit from bodies – fear makes dying hard – accident, murder, shock, fear keeps spirit close – watchers, ministering ones close for accidental deaths – places of rest – spirit may demand contact so message may come – child moves away quickly, aged may wander a while – if not permitted to leave by doctors, spirit have to wait.
Questions:  help for children loved  – sleep and spirit consciousness.

 Chapter 18 - The Cultivation of Gratitude

Ingratitude contracts system, slows blood – bless to keep well, happy – discontent brings sickness and disease – sorrow inhibits breathing, healing enables breathing – loving  brings vibrancy, heals all earth – fear of not being loved.

 Chapter 19 - Temples in the Spirit World

Temple of Tranquillity on seventh sphere – peace from temple to individual – schools for children – temples of healing – temples of music, produce music, singing, colour, scent – spirit of incarnated people may be brought for total healing.
Question:  same ‘temples’ on earth.

 Chapter 20 - The Colour Gold

Gold in spiritual body – animate mind with gold colour – gold of spirit in all things – balances blue (of coldness, depression) – wear and meditate on gold – no gold colour means no good to man, ie ores, prisons – golden of spirit is light of truth. 
Questions:  gold in home decoration, in religion, rulers, primitives – purer than yellow – jealousy – gold versus silver – colour to heal – own colour changes  – all wearing gold.

 Chapter 21 - The Colour Blue

Blue is love colour – blue rooms in spirit for children of violent death, executed criminals, man’s soul weaknesses – blue for unloved – separateness is main cause of sickness – Mother Mary, Isis in blue – blue ray of compassion – interweave earth in blue.

 Chapter 22 - The Colour Red

Need red to exist – light enters earth, emanates as magnetism – in cities grow pale, weak, diseased – red affects blood cells – use red to stimulate – all healers strong in red – need the passion to impart wisdom – red essential to spirit work, balance by wisdom – extra red in surroundings can over stimulate. 
Question:  doctors and healers work together.

 Chapter 23 - The Colour Purple

Red of world self – as mature blue develops – when emotions controlled, colours mix – depth of colour relates to life circumstances – purple, mauve for harmony, healing, spiritual responsibility - spirit guides earn purple cloak of protection – in past, purple for rulers – will be tested for purple.

 Chapter 24 - The Colour Orange

In all new growth – colour of renewing energy – to centre of body for life energy, after winter – orange food for cleansing – follow seasonal pattern or may be ill, disease – spiritual development indicates proper balance.

 Chapter 25 - The Colour Green

Influence of spiritual peace – green in all shades – spring green energises – almost white or blue is green of peace – green for despair, upset, disharmonised – send prayer for peace with green – see green when in peace, meditation.

 Chapter 26 - The Colour Silver

Spirit do not understand the word ‘silver’ – silver colour only visible in light – individual colours of character – prayer creates silveryness, indicates one without earth desires – those of the seventh sphere direct light to, through all - angels, White Ones, light bringers.   
Question: colour in spirit world.