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Note: You can click on the link to play the videos as streaming videos from the Internet (but this can be slow). I recommend that you download them to your computer and play them from there. These videos are in Windows Media Player format. To download them to your PC, point to the download link and right click your mouse. Then choose "Save Target As"



File Size

Pachino Story - Part 1 10 mins. 5 secs 27.7 megs

Pachino Story - Part 2 7 mins. 37 secs 20.9 megs

Pachino Story - Part 3 7 mins. 43 secs 21.2 megs

Pachino Story - Part 4
Festa Di Pasqua (Easter Day Parade)

3 mins. 40 secs

10.1 megs

  TIP: If you want to attach all of the above 4 parts into one movie, download Microsoft's Movie Maker. It's free and simple to use. For more info, visit the Movie Maker website    

Pachino - Video of Photographs (Version 2)
(Full screen playback. Created with Microsoft Photo Story)
15 mins. 33 secs 24.3 megs

From The Moon To Pachino
(Full screen playback. Created with Microsoft Photo Story)
3 mins. 51 secs 5.3 megs

Alex Meilach - May 22, 2003 (age: 1 yr 8 mths) 2 mins. 6 secs 5.4 megs
Alex Meilach - July 28, 2003 (age: 1 yr 10 mths)  14 seconds 0.628 meg
Alex Meilach - Aug 16, 2003 (age: 1 yr 11 mths) 30 seconds 1.3 megs

Do you have any interesting video's about Pachino or it's surrounding areas you would like to share? Send me an email with the details. To send me an email regarding this, send it to or click here
Do you want to play these videos on your TV ? There's several ways to do this. One way is to copy them to either a CD or DVD and then play them on your DVD player. In order to do this you first need to convert the video to a proper format (explained below).

If you don't have a DVD writer on your computer you can still view them on your TV ***IF*** your DVD player can play either VCD or SVCD movies (recorded on CD's). If yours can do that, then choose SVCD since it's better quality. To convert these movies into VCD or SVCD (or even for DVD playback) you need to get a software program called WinAvi. This is so fast, compared to other video converters! Plus, you can get the shareware version first to see if it suits your needs. To download it go to here: Click Here

NOTE: I can mail you a CD in VCD or SVCD format. Usually I mail it out for free, but if I get lots of request I may ask you for a small fee to cover shipping and materials payable to my PayPal Account.


How Can I put so many videos (and more to come!) without worrying about space or bandwidth charges? The answer is that I have a GREAT web host provider! Check them out by clicking on the banner below:




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