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What's New



Feb 17, 2009 Added full edition book, The Truths of The Spirit World-Volume 1 by Ursula Roberts
Oct 20, 2007 Version 9.99c
Added a section for my son Alex, including his voice
Mar 19, 2007 Version 9.99
Added How to Prevent Panic Attacks Article. Added free 40-page downloadable e-book, Adsense Arbitrage
Jan 15, 2007 Version 9.98b
Added new pictures of Alex. Added more Quotes from White Eagle
July 19, 2005 Version 9.98a
Added new free downloadable 90-page e-book from Brad Callen: Search Engine Optimization Made Easy
July 4, 2005 Version 9.98
In My Corner, added "Human Resources Test" and "Steve Jobs Speech To Graduates of Stanford University"
May 26, 2005 Version 9.97b
Removed all of Yogananda's Quotes
May 16, 2005 Version 9.97a
Added Star Trek Capt Archer Speech
May 11, 2005 Version 9.97
Added FREE ebook Download of "101 Romantic Ideas"
Mar 23, 2005 Version 9.96
Added ICQ features to Contact Me. Added new Chat Room From ICQ
Mar 18, 2005 Version 9.95e
Added "How To Protect Your Computer"
Mar 4, 2005 Version 9.95d
Added " Christian Dating "
Feb 21, 2005 Version 9.95c
Added "Random Jokes"
Feb 12, 2005 Version 9.95b
Added "Books About eBay"
Jan 18, 2005 Version 9.95a
Added "How The Mystical Ball Works"
Jan 2, 2005 Version 9.95
Added 2 new videos: "Pachino Video of Photographs" (version 2) and "From the Moon to Pachino"
Dec 3, 2004 Version 9.9a
Added new video of Pachino: "Pachino - Video of Photographs"
Sept 20, 2004

Version 9.9
- In the How To's menu, added "How To Find Foreclosure Properties"
- In the Yogananda section, added the following quote pages:

- Why God Created The World
- Right Attitude Towards Wealth
- Friendship--The Purest Form of Love
- Spiritual Ideals for a Fulfilling Marriage
- The Right Attitude Toward Suffering

Sept 18, 2004

Version 9.8 Added:

  1. New pictures of my son Alex: Page 3 and Page 4

  2. In My Fotos, added new sets of pictures of Marineland, Niagara Falls

  3. In Spiritual, Yogananda section, added new section of Pictures of Encinitas & Lake Shrine

Sept 15, 2004 Version 9.7c
Added "Search Boxes" and "Shop Cosmetics & Frangrances" page.
Sept 13, 2004 Version 9.7b
Added part 2 to e-mail I received about suicide in the Spiritual section
Sept 8, 2004 Version 9.7a
In the "How To's" Menu added: "How to be a model" and "Where To Get Major Brand Cosmetics on the Internet" and "Finding Stuff on eBay"
Sept 5, 2004 Version 9.7
Added "How To's" in menu bar. Moved some menu options further up.
Sept 3, 2004 Version 9.6d
Added "How To Write Love Letters" page
Aug 31, 2004 Version 9.6c
Added "Shop Italian"
Aug 27, 2004 Version 9.6b
Added "Watch Carefully" page in My Corner
Aug 17, 2004 Version 9.6a
Added 2 news books in Spiritual section: "Spirit Identity" and "Psychography" by Stainton Moses
Aug 13, 2004 Version 9.6
Added new section in Pachino pages: Videos of Pachino
Added new Video section on the main menu
Aug 9, 2004 Version 9.5
Added "More Wisdom of Ramadahn" book by Ursula Roberts in the Spiritual section
Aug 6, 2004 Version 9.4
Added "Wisdom of Ramadahn" book by Ursula Roberts in the Spiritual section
Dec 9, 2003 Version 9.2a
Added more pictures of Alex
Sept 30, 2003 Version 9.2
Updated the Pachino Section
June 17, 2003 Version 9.1
Spruced up the global navigation and also the Pachino one. Added new page MSNBC News
June 4, 2003 Version 9.0b
Added Video of my son Alex
July 1, 2002 Version 9.0a
Added Poem "I Am There" by James Dillet Freeman
June 5, 2002 Version 9.0
Major update of the Pachino pages
Dec 9, 2001 Version 8.7a
Added a few links in the Humorous pages, now called "Fun & Games"
Dec 6, 2001 Version 8.7
Changed Host Provider. From Interland to FeaturePrice. Now I'm using MS FrontPage to edit this web site.
Added Navigation bar at the top of every web page.
Nov 19, 2001 Version 8.6
Added photographs of baby Alex Meilach
Nov 9, 2001 Version 8.5
Added NASA photos of Pachino & Sicily Area
Sept 28, 2001 Version 8.4b
Changed the guestbook to Bravenet's. Old guestbook can be viewed by clicking here
Feb 24, 2000 Version 8.4a
Added Warning on Spirit Communication
Jan 5, 2000 Version 8.4
Added White Eagle in the Spiritual Section
Nov 18, 1999 Version 8.3b
Added links in Sams Corner to ZD NET tools page for web page tools.
Aug 13, 1999 Version 8.3a
  Added a Java Based chat room
May 22, 1999 Version 8.3
      - Changed Photograph on main page from this old one to this new one
- Added Maribel's Pictures
Jan 20, 1999 Version 8.2
      - Added Pictures of Siracusa
- Added more pictures of myself from Pachino trip
Jan 16, 1999 Version 8.1
  - Added more fotos on Toarmina
- Added Fotos on Rome: Archeological, Streets, Piazzas
- Added Fotos on the Vatican
- Quote of the month for January, 1999 added
Jan 16, 1999 Version 8.0
  Completed the Pachino section.
Restructured all files in their own directories
Now in location
June 7, 1998 Version 7.1
  Added Quote of the month for June
Added picture of myself while at work
May 11, 1998 Version 7.0
May 4, 1995 Version 1.0 - Homepage loaded to Internet at location